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Around 1973, the Vivenda Penedo Family moved definitely to the Finish  colony here, opting for a healthier and simpler countryside lifestyle. Because of its fresh air and the peaceful poetry sound of waterfalls, Penedo was the Family pitstop on every vacation. Today’s hotel property was, at that time, very simple. The family’s bucolic refuge was constituted only by a piece of land and the host house. The place, with its exotic and beautiful Nature, was the source to a mental therapy to them. Here they planted and growed an orchad full of avocados, caquis, lemons, tangerine, stories and adventures that filled their fridges and hearts.

The city and people of Penedo had a very simple way of life. A genuine bunch of countryside cowboys with their own way of dressing and talking. There was nothing but dawn at the sound of singing birds, the very green color of the trees, the foggy sunrise, the mountain fresh air, the Sun, the rain, the cold, and the Rio das Pedras, the river that cuts the region. The friendly Finish people with their straight blond hair and red cheeks. The place feeding the peope, and the people feeding the place.

What could be done at those remote times of no TV, smartphones, no Internet, and just creativity? The answer was talking face top ace, playing the guitar, astonishly look at the Nature around, read, love, dream and work. And it was this way that a friend of the Family, once stopping here from na international trip, had the idea of making this place the family’s bread of every day. From this day on, somewhere around 1989, the year of its foundation, little by little, year by year, the family has been building, trick by trick, the Vivenda Penedo Hotel. We want to thank you for your presence and ,mainly, tell you:  ‘Welcome to our home’!!!

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