Hotel Vivenda Penedo


Therapies oferred at Vivenda Penedo.

In order to provide our guests full relaxation, the hotel offers space for anti-stress therapies. There, the guest can choose from a ‘menu’ which one he\ she would like to get. The therapies aim to balance the body in harmony and combat the sedentary lifestyle of big cities. This servisse is charged apart from the accomodation and we suggest you book in advance. Time of each session: 1h15min.

Therapies Available

  • Acupuncture
  • Shiatsutherapy ( works on all acupuncture points by hands)
  • Reiki (energia universal)
  • Quiropraxia ( for the spine and body joints)
  • Therapeutic Massage( balance and general welfare)
  • Quick Shiatsu ( massage on the chair))
  • Skin cleaning

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