Hotel Vivenda Penedo

Accommodations with Whirlpool

Chalet Margarida

Space: 1 to 3 people; jacuzzi…
The flower Margarida represents aspiration, genuinity.

Chalet Angélica

Space: 1 to 3 people; jacuzzi…
A flor Angélica simboliza pureza…The flower Angelica represents purity.

Chalet Flor da Mata

Space: 1 to 2 people.
The flower Flor da Mata represents romance, adventure, youth.

Chalet Verônica

Space:1 to 2 adults; whirlpool
The flower Veronica represents loyalty.

Chalet Gardênia

Space: 1 to 2 people; jacuzzi
The flower Gradenia represents sincerity

Chalet Camelia

Space: 1 to 2 people; jacuzzi…
The flower Camelia represents lordliness, greatness of soul.

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