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Penedo is known as the Brazilian Finland, since it was founded by the Finish immigrants that arrived here in 1929.  a show of Nature with its waterfalls, its mountain fresh air and its hospitality, Penedo is today a touristic center.  It is, also, a gastronomic region, varying its kind of culinnaire, from the German cuisine, to the Japanese, mineira, Italian, Swedish, and, obviouly, the Finish one. The growing of trouts in the region is the city’s special dish, found in most restaurants in the area.  Delicious!! Besides that, horses and chariots are available for renting and riding under the moonlight. Visiting Penedo’s and the National Park of Itatiaia’s waterfalls is another great option. Every first Saturday of the month, at 9 PM, the Finish Balldance is on. It’s a joyful party in a family environment. through the rythm of typical Finish music you can appreciate the presentation of the Penedo Folcloric Group.  The Finsh Museum is a time trip back to the Finish colonization period in Penedo. In conclusion, if you are looking for the best moments in your life, the Vivenda penedo Hotel, the very first construction in this amazing city, is here waiting open doors to offer you that.


  • Chariot rides, horse rides and jeep: rides through tracks and waterfalls in the company of a touristic guide. Distance from the hotel: 200 meters.
  • Finnish Club: Every first Saturday of the month, at 9 PM, we have the Finish Balldance, with the choreography of Penedo’s folcloric group. Distance from the hotel: 400 meters.
  • Finnish Museum: here you can buy all kinds of typical things, crafts, tapestry, books, magazines, etc.
  • Tres Bacias Waterfall: Located in the highest region of Penedo, forming three watersheds among the river stones.
  • Cachoeira de Deus (Waterfall of God):This is the biggest waterfall in the city. The water falls from a 15-meter height.
  • Poço das Esmeraldas:Small water well located under the Tres bacias Waterfall.
  • Três Cachoeiras: Forming three water falls, The highest one is three meters high.
  • Pico do Penedinho: A 600- meter- high peak, where it’s possible to see the cities of Itatiaia, Resende and Penedo.
  • National Park of Itatiaia: The first forest reserve in Brazil, hosting the Fauna and Flora Museum (closed on Mondays), waterfalls, ecological trails, a guest center, the Lagoa Azul ( Blue Lagoon), Tres Picos ( Three Peaks) e o Mirante do Ultimo Adeus ( the Gazebo of the last Goodbye). Open daily from 8 AM to 5PM.
  • Visconde de Mauá, Maringá e Maromba: Lugar turístico conhecido por sua área verde e pela abundância de águas cristalinas. Distância do Hotel Vivenda Penedo: 35 Km.Touristic region known for its green area and for its crystal clean waterfalls. Distance from the hotel:35 km.
  • Serrinha:Fish it and eat it. Demonstration of all the process of growing of trouts, the region fish. Open Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays, from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Resende: Agulhas Negras Army Academy- considered the greatest Army Academy in Latin America. Strictly prohibited the entrance of guests wearing bermudas or sandals. Open daily from 9 AM to 5:30 PM (closed for lunch from 11:30 to 13:30). Distance from the hotel:14 km- via RJ on Dutra Roadway.
  • Penedo downtown and Santa Claus House: shopping for beer and homemade chocolate,pictures and paintings, sculptures, crafts, tapestry, perfumed candles, and all kinds of objects made in the city. Distance from the hotel: 1 km.

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